Friday, October 6, 2017

#NewRelease #KindleUnlimited #Giveaway - Between You & I by Susan Cairns

Title: Between You & I
Author: Susan Cairns
Genre: Contemporary/NA Romance
Release Date: October 6, 2017

A force to be reckoned with . . .

Taylor Lewis dreams of finding her spot in corporate America. Taking a leap, she applies for an executive position at the company where she got her start. When passed over for an outsider, Taylor refuses to give up easily, vowing to prove the job should have been hers.

Looking for a change…

At thirty-nine years old, Reid Mariano is feeling the pressure to pack up his bachelor lifestyle and settle down. After meeting Jennifer online, and landing a job he hopes will take him to retirement, Reid gives up the Chicago bar scene and relocates to Buffalo, NY,

Impossible to ignore . . . 

While Reid looks forward to building a future with Jennifer, and establishing his new career, Taylor sets out show she was the better choice. Working late nights and long hours, a smoldering attraction sparks a connection that neither of them are prepared for.


Propping myself against the wall, I cross my arms and cross my feet at the ankles, making myself comfortable as I wait. At the sound of the door unlatching I look at the floor, not wanting to seem intrusive. 

Two high heels step out into my line of vision. Slowly, I bring my eyes up from the carpet, taking in the toned calves, followed by a tight black skirt encasing hips with a slight curve, leading to a tucked-in royal blue shirt covering a chest that could only be described as a nice handful, framed by soft blond curls. Finally I make it to a face with creamy white skin, lips covered in erotic-looking red, and the most stunning sapphire-blue eyes I’ve ever seen. By her pursed lips and raised brow, I know I’ve been caught staring. Not that I would have been able to hide it—she’s striking, and my eyes are stuck like a moth to a flame. Gawking probably isn’t the best impression for me to make, but hell this girl—no, woman—is beautiful. Tipping one side of her mouth up, she gives me a knowing grin then passes me without a word. Like a magnet, my eyes follow until she rounds the corner and is out of my sight. 
The sound of my name, coming from Miranda, snaps my attention back to the door the beauty walked out of. 
“Reid, I didn’t expect to see you standing out here. I’m assuming you finished all your paperwork?” she asks, taking a couple of steps toward me. 
“Yeah, it’s all set. I gave the folder to Brian.”
“Great. Ah, well, then let’s introduce you to the crew.” 
Miranda moves down the same hall the gorgeous blonde just took, and I follow. Passing two rows of cubicles, we enter what looks to be the common area, and it’s already lined with employees. I take a minute to look at the faces around the circle, but I stop when I reach the space directly across from me. The blonde is standing next to a brunette with wild hair and a crazy style. The same knowing smirk is on her face, and for some reason, I can’t seem to tear my eyes away from it.

Susan Cairns was born and raised in a small town in western New York, on the shore of Lake Ontario. She currently lives with her three fur-babies: Lucy, Leela, and Bella. They run the house—she just lives with them!

Susan loves to travel and is always looking for her next adventure! She has been lucky to keep in touch with many friends who live all across the US. They’re always ready to open their homes to her whenever she feels the pull to visit a new place.

Along with writing, Susan is an avid reader and is often seen with her Kindle or a book in hand. She also has an eye for photography. All year round she has her camera in hand taking pictures of anything and everything, especially her nephews and niece, who are the light of her life.

Susan received a Bachelor’s degree in Communications/Public Relations from SUNY Empire State College. She recently finished her Master’s degree in English and hoping to become an adjunct professor in creative writing.

In addition to Between You & I, Susan has written four Contemporary Romance novels: Chasing Hope and The Reunion Series: The Reunion, The Rebound and The Reason. She also has one New Adult novel, Falling Back Together.


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