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#CoverReveal - Perfect Match by Alexis Alvarez

Title: Perfect Match
Author: Alexis Alvarez
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 6, 2017
Cover Artist: Jessica Hildreth
Cover Photographer: Wander Aguiar
Cover Model: Jacob Cooley

She’s the matchmaker…he’s her sexy client. What could go wrong?

Fia Martin has a tough job: Find the perfect woman for arrogant, handsome Dylan Chambers, before her rival can do it––on national television. If Dylan declares her the winner, Fia’s match-making business will skyrocket. 

Dylan is picky. He’s smug. He reminds Fia that he doesn’t believe in true love. The dates she sets up for him end in complete disaster. And every time she tells him to behave, he flirts with her shamelessly. 

A stolen kiss turns to a night of unbelievable passion and the best sex of her life...but Fia knows that Dylan’s not interested in more than a fling, because he’s still going on dates for the challenge like nothing happened. 

When Dylan chooses her competitor's company for his final dream date in Hawaii, to a woman who looks perfect on paper, Fia figures she can kiss the trophy goodbye. The problem is that she's about to lose her heart, too…to the one man who’s completely unavailable.

“I’d love to live here,” she murmured, reaching out to touch the closest sculpture, a gorgeous creation with swirling green and blue, like an ocean in glass, then drew back a finger, to check his face. “This is the prettiest thing I’ve seen in long time. Can I touch?”

“You can touch anything you want.” His eyes met hers evenly, and she thought she’d seen something open in his expression when she’d complimented his art, something warm and bright. 

She didn’t look away, even as she put her hand down to blindly find the smooth glass, running her hand over it. “It feels good.”

He smiled. “I would hope so.”

They stood looking at each other, then he spoke. “Fia?”

“Yes?” She could barely breathe.

“One night. Just to get it out of our system. What do you say?”


“No holds barred, one night of passion. You and me. Look, I get what you feel about your clients. And you know I’m not looking for anything long term. But we both want each other pretty fucking badly.”

She sucked in a breath. 

“So, let’s just go for it. Seize the day. Take advantage of the chemistry. I promise you I will make it so fucking good, Fia.”

For a second she thought about saying no, but the desire could no longer be denied. She didn’t bother replying, but walked right up to him, wound her arms around his neck and lifted her lips to let him claim her with his mouth.

“Fuck,” he murmured, and his hands were on her back, on her ass, pulling her into him as he plundered her mouth with his tongue. 

She pressed herself into him, delighting to feel his hard chest against her breasts, and lower, another hardness entirely that indicated how much he wanted her.

“Take off your shirt,” she muttered, pulling at the buttons. “So sexy. But off.” She managed to undo two of the middle ones, and slid her palm into the pocket she’d created to touch his muscular chest. “You feel so fucking good.”

“Your dress comes off first,” he whispered into her ear. “My rules.”

“Why should we play by your rules?” she asked, letting her eyes shut as he kissed and bit down her neck, moaning when he licked her clavicle.

“Because you’ll like it,” he promised. “Want to see?”

“Are you some kind of kinky dom or something?” 

He laughed. “Or something.”

Her eyes flew open, but she felt more excitement than concern. “Really?”

He ran a finger down her cheek. “Really.”

“Like, tie-me-up-and-spank-me stuff? Tell me what to do stuff?” Her heart started to race.

“If you like that, then, yeah, I can do that for you.” He ran a hand down her arm, slowly, and they both watched his long fingers stroke her skin. She sucked in a breath at how erotic it felt. “I like almost anything, Fia, so you just tell me”—and he leaned in and put his mouth right at her ear—“What. You. Fucking. Love.”

She whimpered and grabbed at him. She’d always dreamed of being with a man who was unapologetically sexy, so in tune with his body that he could master hers and bring her exquisite pleasure. She didn’t want hard-core BDSM, but she definitely wanted, no craved—for him to take control. 

“I might like what you said,” she whispered into his neck. “The tying up and spanking. As long as nobody knows we did this.”

He let his fingers stray to her breasts, which he stroked through the dress. “You like a little pain, with your pleasure, Fia?”

“A little. Not too much. Yes.”

He squeezed a nipple, and she cried out, but it was from passion, not dismay. She started breathing harder. 

“You think you’d like doing what I ask?” He bit her neck, and she almost combusted. But she needed to clarify before they went further, just so she could relax and enjoy the moment completely. 

“What are your other rules, besides the shirt thing?” she asked, pulling away. They were both breathing hard. She slowly slid the straps of her dress down her shoulders. “If I like what I hear, I just might obey.”

A muscle clenched in his jaw, and he smiled a dark, dangerous smile. “For starters, you don’t come until I say you can. But don’t worry…it will be often.”

She sucked in a breath and lowered the dress an inch, and his eyes shot to her breasts, where the creamy skin was slowly being revealed. “And?”

“And you’ll do what I say, when I say it. For instance, if I tell you to come lay down over my lap so I can spank you, you’ll do that.”

“Interesting.” She licked her lip and felt a surge of moisture between her thighs. “You’d honor a safeword, of course.”

“Of course.” He gave her the dark grin again. “You could just tell me to stop. But what word do you want?”

She pulled the fabric still lower so her areolas were visible but not her nipples. “Red. Keep it simple.”

“Good choice.” His voice rolled over her. “Keep going. Show me your tits.”

“What if I don’t do it?” She met his eyes.

He unbuttoned one sleeve and began to deliberately roll up the fabric, little by little. “You want to find out?”

Alexis Alvarez is an author, photographer, and digital designer who loves writing steamy romances. Her female heroines are always strong, intelligent women who fall for the sexiest guy around...and get the happy-ever-after ending of their dreams.

Alexis is a wife and mom, a former chemical engineer, a dachshund-whisperer—wait, that’s a lie. The dachshund usually does the exact opposite of what he’s told.

Do you like contemporary romance with steam and humor? Darker BDSM/erotica novels with fascinating psychological insights? Alexis has you covered. She writes in both genres. 

You can usually find Alexis hanging out with her sisters, who are also romance writers, in their Facebook Group, Graffiti Fiction. The three of them love to drink wine together and laugh like hyenas while making dirty jokes and really inappropriate comments. They have a website which is not always updated here:

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