Monday, October 23, 2017

#BookBlitz #BookTrailer - Trench by Michele Faison

Title: Trench
Author: Michele Faison
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 11, 2017


Most people inherit money or property when their folks pass away. Sentimental trinkets full of fading memories or an insurance policy that dries up as quickly as the ink the policy was signed with. 

Not me.

My Pops left a legacy of Pandemonium. 

I did not choose this life, but I’ll damn sure bleed for it. This motorcycle club, my brothers, are all I know, and no outsider, not even a “Preacher” with a diseased heart will be able to withstand my wrath if he tries to take what’s mine. 


The American dream is a crock. I followed the rules, towed the line, and what did it get me? A one-way trip to Hell on a hog and a life of purgatory. 

Two loved ones murdered. Gone. Their executioners answer to a man I thought was dead. Trapped inside a world of violence I have been watching and waiting for the moment to break free of his reign of terror and expose the sins of the father, his adopted son, and anyone else who stands in my way. 

Forget Prince Charming on a white horse, only a King on chrome can save me now.

Tori’s head rolled toward me and when she smiled I felt her warmth everywhere. She was like the sun and I was a fucking cloud that would diminish her light. I was a selfish bastard. I wanted my own pocketful of sunshine. Even if it was for a fleeting moment. Even if I knew I’d probably destroy her for other men when we split ways. I still wanted my time in her sun. I’d worry about how long it would last later. For now, I was content to keep talking.

Michele Faison currently resides on the outskirts of Raleigh, North Carolina, but dreams of the day she will be writing on the front porch of a log cabin in the beautiful Colorado mountains. She is a romance junkie who believes there is a happily ever after. Her love of reading began more than a decade ago during a lengthy deployment and blossomed into a passion that not only helps her escape reality, but allows her to create new ones as well. She has self-published four books with more planned and two already in progress.


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