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#AmazonTour #KindleUnlimited - The Collar of Freedom by Alexandra Iff

Title: The Collar of Freedom
Author: Alexandra Iff
Genre: BDSM Romance
Accolades: #1 Bestseller in Romantic Erotica Genre
Published: May 27, 2014

Amelia Jones knows the truth; she lives and breathes it every day. The endless monotony of her life is only relieved by the grace of her nephews, which after her sister’s death, she agrees to look after. 

That is, until Alexander Reeves walks through the door. 

Her new boss is intriguing, charismatic and clearly driven by unspoken demons, and while Amelia knows she’s playing with fire, she’s relentlessly drawn to the man. Alexander is just as taken by her, but knows that giving into temptation can only end in disaster. When the couple succumb to a passionate, furious battle of the wills, Amelia is thrilled and afraid; Alexander’s erotic preferences are shocking to the uninitiated. The trouble is, wild as his life may seem, Amelia knows that he at least is living. 

Alexander may bring about her ruin, but he also holds the secret to her salvation, and Amelia prays she might be able to save him too.

[Recommended for readers 18+ due to sexual references and sex scenes]

Engrossed in my own thoughts I realize he’s now in front of me and Jennifer, standing a bit too close, with a slight smirk on his face and extended hand, waiting. He’s gazing at me from under his luxuriant chestnut brown hair with a few streaks of blond in it, long enough to be tucked behind the ears. His shaggy look reminds me of a rock star, definitely not in line with his classy suit. There is someone wild beneath the surface and he’s not trying to conceal it at all. Wow. His eyes, blue as the sky, are sinking into mine, anchoring themselves more deeply than I think is possible. He really is beautiful. I try to say something, I really do. But I can’t; I just stare. Everyone around me slowly fades into a blur and it’s just us, alone, eyes locked together. Blue versus green, and where they meet, a tridimensional portal opens up, exhorting me to dream. His gravitational field is too strong; I am pulled into him and I feel him touching my elbow, creating a spark—static from the floor surely—but thank god, that’s my wake-up call. I huskily inhale and land back in the office, breaking our eye contact and instantly focus on Jennifer who, by now, is wondering what’s going on.
“This is Jennifer Miles, our Assistant Project Manager,” I say quietly and point to her.
She grabs his hand and smiles broadly; thank god she has better social skills than me.
“Nice to meet you, Mr. Reeves.”
He nods at her with the same smirk he had for me and, locking our eyes again, I hear his deep voice.
“And you are…?”
“Amelia Jones.” I barely have the strength to say my name.
“Nice to meet you, Miss Jones.” He takes my hot, clammy hand in his and clasps it firmly, giving me some relief upon touching his cool skin. His unyielding, icy blue stare helps him bypass all my guards and it’s now penetrating deep into my pupils, clouding my eyesight again. Spellbound, I feel an upsurge of passion in my body and it’s wide of the mark; it’s simply not possible for one woman to feel all this. What is wrong with me? Embarrassed by my conduct, I lift my chin and return his courteous smile. I know if I try to say something my voice will let me down, so instead, I choose to keep quiet and look away before I am taken again into his realm. He cannot possibly hold my hand all day; there are other people waiting to meet him. Steven Busfield, the slimy Head of Accounts, is introducing him to everybody and he cannot understand the hold up.
“Mr. Reeves, this way.” Steven gently pushes him towards the procession of people waiting to meet him.

He clenches my hand firmly once again, lets it go, then carries on meeting and greeting my colleagues.

Alexandra is living in Surrey, UK with her family and her gorgeous pup. She loves writing, drinking Champagne and Prosecco and of course, wearing high heels.

Most days she is glued to her trusty laptop, creating magic, but on an odd occasion you’d find her on her social media accounts, connecting with her readers.

Her Facebook page, Twitter and Goodreads account have more information on her up-and-coming events and books, but it’s her Pinterest account that will give you the biggest understanding of what’s really going on in her head.

Feel free to (virtually) follow her.


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