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#AmazonTour #99Pennies #KindleUnlimited - Tangled Up In You (Rogue Rockstar Series #1) by Lara Ward Cosio

Title: Tangled Up In You
Series: Rogue Rockstar Series #1
Author: Lara Ward Cosio
Genre: Rocker Romance
Release Date: July 7, 2017

What should have been a memorable school-days romance between Gavin McManus and Sophie Kavanaugh is amplified into an intense--and public--love story when they meet again three years later. Gavin's band, Rogue, has made a splash in the college music scene, and with Sophie by his side he's ready to conquer the world.

Over the course of three albums and the next dozen years, Rogue earns their place as the biggest band in the world. At the same time, Sophie finds her own career as a model. They seem like the perfect rock star/supermodel couple. No matter what tests them, their need for each other never wavers. It's a desperate kind of love, but it's what works for them. Until it doesn't.

When the whole truth about Gavin's past is revealed, the ensuing media backlash sends him into a downward spiral that threatens to destroy his whole world. At the same time, Conor Quinn, the band's guitarist and Gavin's best friend, becomes Sophie's support when she's all but abandoned by Gavin. Conor has always played off his attraction to Sophie as something harmless, but could this be something more?

If Gavin is to have any kind of future with the one he loves most--Sophie--he must finally confront the past. But will it be too late?

“I really enjoyed this book. The characters are complex, emotionally charged, and likable. The author weaved a story that was multi-layered and character driven. I look forward to reading more of this series.” - 5☆☆☆☆☆ Loves to Read
“While reading this book, you are taken on an emotional roller coaster, feeling intense raw emotions at every turn. This story is amazing, you truly feel as though you are a part of their struggles and successes. You learn about human behavior, love and triumph. Laura Ward Cosio does an amazing job at slowly delivering pieces of the puzzle, leaving you intensely guessing and yearning to reach the end. The perfect ending concludes this book, not all authors can pull it off so eloquently.”  -5☆☆☆☆☆ kindle customer
“An exceptional start to an amazing series. This story takes you through an in depth look at the creation of the band Rogue. It depicts the real life struggles of a group of young friends who form a band and their guick rise to fame. Just like in real life, sometimes when things are to good to be true they become ugly.” - 5☆☆☆☆☆ Natalie Weston

“You go first,” Sophie told him and pointed with the flashlight up a steep dirt hill.

Now Gavin knew why she had changed out of her strappy sandals and into running shoes at the car. His own lace-up boots were covered in dirt and he had had several near-misses with horse manure.

“Come with me, then,” he said and pulled her hand.

As he came to the top of the trail, he was astounded by the view. They were directly above the huge white letters of the iconic Hollywood sign, with the entire city spread out and lit up before them. The downtown buildings to the left stood tall amongst the sprawl. To their right, a reservoir glittered under the moonlight. He tried in vain to see where the lights ended, and the enormity and beauty of the golden glow brought a smile to his face.

Sophie put her arm around his waist and leaned into him and he held her in return.

“What do you think?”

“It’s brilliant,” he murmured.

It was hard to wrap his head around the view. They were alone, with only the sound of crickets and the odd rustling of small animals. The warm air smelled of the pleasantly pungent combination of earthy shrubs and cooling dirt. It was peaceful and invigorating at the same time. He couldn’t imagine a better way to see Los Angeles.

“I’ve never been here at night,” she said. “I’m pretty sure we’re trespassing. But I wanted to do something memorable for one of your last nights.”

He turned to her and kissed her, long and softly. The ache in his chest soon spread throughout his whole body as he held her to him. The effort she had made was not lost on him. It reinforced what he had believed back from their time together before, that she was an extraordinary girl, unlike any he would ever find again. The fact that she had planned out this adventure, as she called it, to create a unique memory for them to share was all he needed to confirm what he had felt the moment he saw her at his hotel room doorstep. She was the one.

Lara Ward Cosio is the author of the Rogue Series - books that feature complex, flawed, and ultimately redeemable rockers, and the women they love. When not writing, Lara can be found chasing her daughters around the house or at the beach, always with music on in the background.


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