Monday, October 17, 2016

#AmazonTour #Reviews - Piece by Piece: A Modern Retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk by Brandy Ayers

Piece by Piece: A Modern Retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk
Author: Brandy Ayers
Genre: Erotic Romance 
Available Now on Kindle Unlimited

Jax was there to do a job… His mission was simple: go undercover, poke around The Beanstalk, take down the sex trafficking ring run out of the seedy strip club. The absolute last thing on his mind was getting involved with a woman. 
But then he saw her… Harper took the stage and everything else faded away. He couldn’t resist the pull of the gorgeous, damaged woman. No matter how hard he tried. 
Harper loathes her job… But she'd had few options since losing her sister and taking in her orphaned niece. It’d been years since she felt anything other than revulsion toward men, especially the ones that worked and played at The Beanstalk. 
Until Jax… He was cocky, mysterious, and sexy as hell. Everything Harper didn’t need in her already complicated life. She pushed him away, but he kept coming back for more. 
As the pull between them intensifies, will Jax allow his need to possess Harper jeopardize his case and the lives of dozens of victims? Can Harper let Jax tear down her walls piece by piece? 

This is a quick and dirty read, with a dash of insta-love; a pinch of suspense; a bearded, tattooed alpha male; and a smart, sexy stripper. Enjoy!


“With great twists, steamy sex scenes and electrifying chemistry from the main characters, this short novella will keep you hooked until the very end.” -That Wild Soul Book Reviews
Dressed only in a glittering black G-string and bikini top, the fiery redhead ran one hand up the pole, then the other, climbing with her hands and feet until she could nearly touch the ceiling.
She wrapped her curvy body around the pole into a modified fetal position, the muscles in her thighs the only thing holding her aloft. Her hands meanwhile glided through the air in sweeping arcs in time to the soft opening lines of the song. The haunting voice sang of seeing into her soul, and Jax found himself wanting nothing more than to see into this incredible woman’s soul.
As the song picked up into the driving hard rock beats, the dancer spread her legs, then whipped them up, inverting her whole body, then wrapping herself around it once again. A pause in the music had her idly spinning around the pole, then the guitar kicked in, harder than before, and she began to free fall down the pole, catching herself just before hitting the stage.
Jax’s heart raced as he realized the woman had meant to let go. He stood in awe of her strength and grace. Peripherally he became aware that everyone in the club was just as mesmerized. But he didn’t want to think about all the other men watching this glamorous woman. She didn’t belong in this place. He couldn’t bring himself to call what she did on stage stripping. What she did was art. The movements and tricks she performed were unfathomable. They defied every rule of gravity he knew.
He reached down to adjust his jeans over the growing erection he futilely fought. The undulating of her body brought to mind the many ways he could position her for both their pleasure. All the ways she would wrap that body around his.
Her body. This beautiful creature stood apart in every way imaginable from every single other girl he’d seen on the stage that night. The toned muscles on her arms, legs, and stomach stood out in stark contrast to the skin and bones of the other performers. Her tits were large, but obviously genuine, and her hair full, not stringy.
As the song came to its conclusion she performed a series of complicated moves, flipping and twisting around the pole before coming to a rest on the floor. Only when she stood and opened her eyes did he realize she had performed with them closed the whole time. They weren’t what he expected. After the intensity of her dance, he expected to see fire and passion crackling in her irises. But instead Jax saw nothing. They were flat, dead eyes. Not dazed or drugged like the other performers. Simply… lifeless.
“Fuck.” He let out the breath he’d been unintentionally holding.
“Yeah. That’s Harper, stage name Melody. She does one number like that a night. Don’t know why she bothers. All these guys want to see is her tits, ass, and pussy.”
Jax clenched his hands into tight fists at his side, the overwhelming need to defend the damaged beauty on stage flooding him. But he had to keep his cool. Going off half-cocked to defend a stripper’s honor would get him nowhere. And there were potentially dozens of innocent girls’ lives at stake.

Brandy Ayers is a writer of erotic romance. Or romantic erotica, depending on how you look at it. She has been telling stories in one form or another since she was a child and decided her English / Irish heritage was boring. Instead, for a 4th grade class genealogy assignment, she weaved a tale of mystery and intrigue about her great, great grandpa chief of the Navajo tribe. No one bought it. Brandy lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, son, and a very depressed basset hound.


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