Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Release Blitz: Crimson Catch (Game Time Series) by S.M. Donaldson

Title: Crimson Catch (Game Time Series #1) 
Author: S.M. Donaldson
Genre: Mature YA Romance
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes
Welcome to the time where memories are made and hearts get broken. 

Collin Atwood is a sophomore at Everly High School and the all-American boy in an all-American family. It's his first year on the varsity team and the pressure is on, from his dad and the town. For the first time in over twenty years his hometown could be in line for a state championship title and he’s their ticket to get there. 

That is if he can get his grades up enough to play. 

Enter the daughter of the last guy that held the town's hopes and dreams of state titles, who turned into a drunk after he blew it all. Paired up with Joelle Prescott as his tutor, these two are far from being in the same social circle. She's an honor student and a badass on the drum line. In her family full of athletes, she feels invisible. Which is good sometimes...makes it easier to keep her secrets. Will he keep her secrets? Will she help him make the grade? 

WARNING: This book is a Mature YA book. It is intended for people 15+, it is not suitable for those younger.


I make my way to the library and see James sitting at a table talking to someone. He looks pissed, but there is a shelf in the way so I can’t see who he’s talking to. Rounding the corner of the book shelf, I freeze. He’s talking to Joelle. She’s probably telling him what she just walked up on. Fuck. He’s gonna kick my ass. I would kick my ass if I had a sister and she walked in on that.

Before either of them realize I’m there, I hear her say, “Why am I always the one stuck doing you favors? I have a bunch of stuff going on. Can’t you just find someone else?” She sighs, “I do have a life, you know, of my own. It’s not one like yours but it is a life.”

“No, Jo, you told me you’d do it.” Just then they realize I’m there. 

James stands up. “Hey, Collin. You know my sister, Joelle. She’s gonna be your tutor.”

Fucking A.

S.M. Donaldson is a born and raised Southern girl. She grew up in a small rural town on Florida’s Gulf Coast, the kind of place where everyone knows your business before you do, especially when your Daddy is a cop and your Mom works for the school system. She married one of her best friends at the age of 20 and has one son. She is a proud military wife, has always had a soft spot for a good story, and is known to have a potty mouth. At the age of 31, she decided there was no time like the present to attempt her first book. Sam’s Choice was born and she hasn’t stopped since. If you are looking for a good, steamy, Southern set romance with true Southern dialect, she’s your girl.


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