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Blog Tour: The Pleasure House Series Tour by Scarlet Darkwood

Series: The Pleasure House Tales #1-#5
Author: Scarlet Darkwood
Genre: Adult Romance
Publisher: Booktrope
Available Now

Pleasure House Blurb

Asylums are for the insane, a place where outcasts live and die, where rule-breakers are broken. Strange inhabitants live in secrecy behind locked doors. Lips never speak of what's seen or heard. 

Unlike the others, The House has one secret it shares with special occupants. Those admitted for transgressions of the flesh are embraced, their curiosity welcomed, their behaviors rewarded. Roles of domination and submission are taught with equal vigor, and those who leave emerge whole and stronger than ever. 

Rose discovers this truth when she's sent to The House for the treatment of her erotomania. In a time where modesty and prudence are revered, the experience shatters tradition, leaving her with forbidden knowledge few women possess. When she finds herself in the arms of a formidable lover, the gauntlet is thrown, and power unleashes power. 

Mistress Of The House Blurb

Harry’s bedroom escapades are dead in the water. Thelma decides it’s time to take some initiative and add some spice to his life. While the order of the day for women is subservience and modesty, she’s having none of that nonsense. She decides it’s time to put her newly acquired amorous skills to use and show Harry the time of his life.

Where did Thelma learn her skills? Hidden deep in the countryside, on the outskirts of town, The House isn’t a run-of-the mill asylum. It harbors one secret so hot and tempting, that only the worthy few are invited to the special side, a world filled with wily activities and wicked debauchery that makes the prudish blanche.

Upon discharge from The House, Thelma discovers that using her knowledge is the easy part. But the task of winning Harry’s heart and enduring devotion proves a daunting task that leaves her questioning all she’s learned.

Master Of The House Blurb

A rich lifestyle gives Willie the best of everything. Despite all the trappings of fine living that come with money, he finds himself at the crossroads of his life, forlorn and unsure of his future. His parents send him to The House, the local asylum, for help. What he thinks is treatment for his gloomy disposition turns out to be a series of unconventional lessons on sharpening his sensuality and honing his skills in the bedroom. When he returns home, he seeks out Louise, the one whom he’s decided will make his life complete. Together they embark on an amorous adventure that would leave most couples blushing. She’s determined to find out where he’s been. He’s determined to keep his secret. An invitation to a private art show nearly becomes Willie’s undoing, and he scrambles to maintain control. Will everything he’s learned be enough to get him what he wants?

Dance of Desire Blurb

The House, a local asylum, harbors a dark secret, one that’s guarded with reverence and fierce protection. One side is for teaching select patients fine skills in ways of the flesh. Daren, an attendant at The House, breaks tradition by requesting to treat a patient from the other side, a world totally opposite his own. At nights, Serena thinks she’s alone, sneaking away to perform a steamy, unconventional dance routine in the moonlight; but Daren has been watching her with a lusty eye. Unwittingly, her sensual activities have riled his libido, and he vows he’ll take her to the heights of ecstasy, if she’ll agree to let him tutor her. What starts out as a mere tryst turns into problems as both fall prey to their own angst. Is Daren ready to leave The House, settle into a normal life, and take Serena with him? Does Serena have other ideas? Both tread lightly where emotions are concerned, while antics in the bedroom are no-holds-barred. Struck with an idea, Daren turns Serena’s experience upside down with an unusual plan he’s hatched. Sometimes plans don’t work the way they were intended to.

Taming Bad Blurb

Is biology a friend or foe? This question plagues Newton Grenfield daily. He believes that a man’s virility is the key to his masculinity, his identity. One man’s abundance is another’s curse. Newton discovers how cursed he really is when his libido refuses to shut down, spurring him on in the continual search for the right woman who will welcome his advances in the bedroom. Overeager attempts at finding love fall flat, earning him not only a cold shoulder from the ladies, but an angry father who decides treatment at The House, the local asylum, will do his son good. There’s one catch to this treatment the father demands of Dr. James, The House physician. He wants Newton’s antics stopped—for good. 

The doctor has a radical, fail-proof plan that will cut to the core of his patient’s masculine ideologies in more ways than one. Above all, Newton’s attendant must ensure he’s as much of a man when he leaves The House as when he entered it, by helping him hone his lovemaking skills in order to secure the lady of his dreams. One night, Newton meets a young woman wandering the halls of The House, and his life changes forever. He thinks he’s found the right one for him. When he experiences the ultimate change at the hand of Dr. James, he’s left with answering to a confused lover, and wondering if the treatment made a bad situation worse. 

Pleasure House

He came around from behind the desk and stood next to her. “You seem a little confused, so let me see if I can clarify a few things for you. First of all, the treatment here at The House is unique, and we prefer to keep our activities hidden from public knowledge. We find that the community, in general, tends to repress certain emotions and behaviors. You, on the other hand, will be addressing those emotions and behaviors. You’ll learn things here no one else does.”

“Is that why I’ve heard very little about this place? I mean, people seem almost reluctant to talk. Perhaps it’s because they signed this document?”

“Precisely. And if you’ve read everything, you’ll see that we will silence those who talk.”

“Yes, but you don’t say how, exactly.” She put the paper back on his desk and folded her hands in her lap. “I’m unclear why such secrecy is necessary.”

He knelt down next to her, his eyes holding hers with a steady, pleading gaze. “While I can’t reveal our methods to you at this time, I’m hoping you can surely understand our position. You’re in need of assistance and we can help you. So will you be willing to put your signature right here on this line?” He tapped his finger on the specified area. Maintaining his stare, he handed her the pen.  

“What if I don’t sign? What if I just got up and left, right now? My parents are gone. You can’t stop me.” Her eyes remained fixed on his.

John swallowed hard. “I really don’t recommend you do that. You won’t get far, and if you don’t sign this form, then we’ll have other plans for you. And you don’t want that. Trust me on this.”

“It seems no matter how much I try coming up with ways to get out of this, I can’t seem to. Everyone keeps telling me the same thing as you. Don’t people ever say no, leave here when they feel like it, go start a new life for themselves?”

Returning the stare, John replied, “Most people actually like it here.”

Mistress Of The House

Her thoughts raced. Do I dare test him now? He didn’t seem to mind her touching his most private area, and had even sounded a little exasperated when she’d removed her hand. Anne’s cold, reluctant nature had not squelched his desire for a woman’s hand touching him in all the right places, allowing his body to enjoy a good, hard release.

What the hell? Enough stalling. Her hand crept slowly back down to his crotch, and this time, she threw all caution to the wind. Taking in a deep breath, she slid her hand slowly inside his pants, running her fingers over the soft pubic hair, until she’d grasped what she so desperately sought.

He let out a soft gasp, and lifted his hips a little, but said nothing. The sound from the crickets had reached full crescendo, and the light scent of lilacs perfumed the air. Thelma rested her cheek on his chest for just a moment, so she could hear the rapid beating of his heart. His breathing had grown a little faster. With eager fingers, she toyed with a plump tip on top of a stiff shaft. Thick pre-cum in his slit oozed its way out and over her fingertip. She pressed a little deeper into his soft flesh, but not so much as to cause pain. His hips shifted ever so slightly. With gliding movements, her hand ran up and down his full length. Under a blossoming cock rested a set of balls waiting for her to squeeze, which she did, gently. He let out a soft groan.

“Thelma.” Her name came out of his mouth as a light whisper, but an earnest one.

She remained silent, but her fingers spoke volumes to his flesh, commanding him in ways she was certain his wife had never ventured to attempt. Stopping again seemed a cruel thing to do to a man she cared so much about. They’d never been physically intimate until now, and whether or not he’d been with other women since his wife’s death, she couldn’t hazard a guess.

The cock between her fingers had reached its full size, and she knew by the sound of his breathing and the intermittent moans, he didn’t have much longer to go.

Master Of The House

Willie sensed the flush rising in his cheeks. Had his family suspected this would happen when they signed him in? Doubtful. Delores spoke the truth. He’d, of late, been stripped of his power—exhausted, and dominated by his family. Though they meant well, wanting only the best things for him, he had begun to feel smothered, longing for a sense of freedom. He stifled a chuckle. Perhaps this serendipitous turn of events might be his good fortune after all, with him gaining the upper hand in the end.

Delores studied his expression in depth and spoke again, a new gleam in her eye. “So, are you ready to begin?”

With an air of humility, Willie answered, “Yes, I’m more than ready to begin.”

“Excellent, we begin now.” Her eyes lit up and she held out the whip in front of her, grasping both ends in her hands as she walked back and forth in front of him once again. “Now, my dear Willie, there’s one subject I want to pursue and that is the one concerning women.” She returned, delivering a soft thrust of the whip against one of his thighs. “You have quite a muscular body, with strong thighs, rippling chest, and a chiseled, handsome face.”

Willie lowered his face in submission, but he was beaming inside. No one had ever commented on his appearance until now. But what she did next turned his cheeks scarlet. With one end of the whip, she caught up his flaccid shaft, lifting it up to admire its appearance.

“My, what a beautiful cock you have! I like the way it flows over that sweet, plump sac of yours.” She reached out and gave his flesh a firm squeeze, rolling the spongy contents between her fingers.

With gritted teeth, Willie silenced a groan. He’d never been touched this way before by anyone, and this woman was bold, with no reservations.

“Tell me, darling, do you ever fantasize about women? Do you have a special someone who makes your heart flutter and your cock swell?”

Her question took him by surprise, and he stood there, dumbfounded, almost losing himself in another dimension. Another swat from the whip jarred him back to reality. “Um … well …” He licked his lips, swallowing hard.

“Answer me!” Her tone of voice turned into a snarl. “Do you have a special love?”

Willie cleared his throat. “As a matter of fact, I do have someone special I think about from time to time.”

“I thought so.” She gave him a satisfied smile. “And what kinds of things do you think about?”

Startled by this question even more than the previous one, he had to think a moment. Just what did he think about when he thought of her, this young lady who’d attracted his attention for quite a while now? “I’m not sure. I’ve never given the matter much thought before.”

Delores threw back her head and laughed. “I find that hard to believe. Any man smitten with a woman always has plenty to think about when he’s alone without her.” She moved in closer and whispered in his ear, “Even more, any man smitten with a woman always finds plenty to do when he’s alone without her.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Plenty to do?” He knew blurting out his comment might irritate her, but he took the chance anyway.

Dance Of Desire

“You’re quite lovely when you dance.”

“Thank you.” She fidgeted, shifting her body in different positions, wiggling her feet up and down and side to side.

“If I didn’t know better, Serena, I’d say you seem distracted. Am I keeping you from something?” He smiled. Their conversation had disrupted her routine.

“No, I’m fine. Just trying to get comfortable.”

Not one to discourage a woman’s routine, especially when it involved potential nudity, he continued. “You’re lying.” He took the liberty of running a finger lightly over her breast, feeling the stiff nipple beneath her dress. “After the first time with your friend, have you continued doing what I’ve seen, even once you got here, finding ways to satisfy yourself when staff weren’t looking and everyone was asleep? I’m sure in some ways, the old man was an added bonus.” He sat up, giving her a pointed look. “Tell me, Serena. It’s okay if that’s true.”

“Maybe,” she said, her voice cold.

“Good for you, that you know what you need. That’s the beauty of my job. I, too, understand what your body wants.” He rubbed tenderly over her other nipple.

Serena sprang up, gathered her scarf, and started to leave, but Daren, possessed with quick reflexes, pulled her down, pinning her tight between his muscular thighs.

“Get off me,” she cried out, reaching to strike a blow at him.

He caught her arms, pressing them back down against the ground. Keeping calm and collected, he said in a soothing tone, “Please don’t run away from me. I’m not trying to take advantage of you. I can help you exercise your spiritual and sexual appetite. You’re a beautiful creature.”

“Please stop. You’re hurting me.” She panted, small sobs catching in her throat.

“Serena, listen to me.” Daren's tone became more insistent. “Let’s share in carnal pleasures together. You don’t need to fondle ugly old fools to get what you want. If you sign an agreement with me, I can take your body to the heights of ecstasy. I’m well-trained in what I do.”

Without waiting for any protest, he placed a hot, passionate kiss on her lips, slipping in his tongue for good measure. She relaxed against his grip, all her pent-up energy slowly releasing as she sucked his tongue, accepting him as he explored her mouth. He sensed her straining against his thighs. His balls ached. It wouldn’t have taken much coaxing from her to slip between her legs and plunge his swollen cock inside a hot, wet channel. But he was bound by protocol. Until he had her signature, he couldn’t do much more.

Daren ended this kiss. “So what do you say?” With her arms free, she reached up and ran her fingers through his hair.

Taming Bad

Daria stood back from the doorway, gazing at the nude man on the bed. One of his hands had been cuffed to the iron headboard. The other remained free. Since he was in a room, staff had wasted no time stripping him of his street clothes, according to House protocol. The cuffed wrist was unusual. Admits and cuffs went hand in hand with attendants deciding when and if to use them. Finding her new charge already tethered held an allure, nonetheless.

His brawny chest displayed strong ripples in the soft bedroom light, and from what she surmised, his face showed extraordinarily good looks—chiseled jaw line, and what looked like a succulent set of lips. Stretched out, he appeared at least six feet in height, with muscular thighs and equally developed arms. No wonder he radiated sex appeal.

Putting the conversation with Dr. James behind her, Daria turned her attention fully on Newton. With eager fascination, she watched as he toyed with his cockhead, fingering the tip. Apparently his trek through the halls had put him in the mood, and he’d wasted no time in imitating many of the inhabitants. He took special delight in stretching out his shaft and releasing, shifting his hips in pleasure when the flesh sprang back into place. Daria licked her lips, her loins heating up. Time to learn more about this bad boy and what made him so bad that his dad wanted him fixed once and for all.

No matter how sensual the interactions between attendant and admit, there remained one rule: no falling in love. Unbridled lust and sex were permitted. Attendants fully treated and cared for their admits, with everything from stern discipline to tender nurturing to basic physical needs, while offering their body for the admit’s learning purposes. Both enjoyed equal satisfaction in the process, engaging in domination and submission roles.

She took a deep breath, strolled into the room, and stood by the bed, gazing down at Newton with lusty eyes. His beauty came through equally well up close. Short cropped sandy hair, taut skin, lips turned into a faint grin. His bright gray eyes held a sullen irreverence, a look that burned through her when he turned his face. A paradox of hot lust mingled with a sting of uneasiness crept slowly through her body.

“Hi, Newton. I’m Daria. I’ll be your attendant during your stay here.”

“My attendant?” His eyes roamed over her. “The whole time I’m here?” He chuckled, and went back to playing with his cock. “Since everybody else seems to be going at it, I thought what the hell. Might as well have fun too. What is this place? Some kind of goddamned twisted hotel, where men run around half-dressed and the gals priss around in tight, short dresses up to their asses?”

“It’s dress protocol for The House. Men wear nothing but black trousers, and the ladies wear these dresses. You’ll soon see why.”

Scarlet Darkwood is an author with Booktrope, along with publishing other material as an indie publisher. Writing in several genres allows her to unleash her imagination in different directions, creating stories for different audiences. From a young age, she's enjoyed writing and keeping diaries, but didn't start creating novels until 2012. She's a Southern girl who lives in Tennessee and enjoys the beauty of the mountains. She lives in Nashville with her spouse and two rambunctious kitties.
Authors, crafters, and entrepreneurs have a special place in her heart. She likes to help others in these areas, and appreciates creativity in all its forms. She's happiest in her shop, where she sells retail, or in front of her computer creating the next entertaining story.


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