Monday, September 21, 2015

Cover Reveal: More Than A Friend (A Cottage Grove Novel) by Amber Nation

Title: More Than A Friend
Series: A Cottage Grove Novel
Author: Amber Nation
Genre: Romantic Comedy Stand Alone
Release Date: October 13, 2015
Cover Designer: Najla Qambar Designs

Bentley Jenkins has lived in his older brother, Baylor’s shadow since the day he was born. Never feeling like he could live up to the high standards that was expected of him, he set out to make his own name for himself. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a well-respected one.

Playboy, smooth talker, ladies man; these were just a few of the names that he was directly associated with. He took pride in the fact that he never had to seduce a woman to get her to fall at his feet. Normally, a look, a wink, and a flash of his sexy grin was all it took. 
Any woman would jump at the chance to be with him, so much that he’s never heard the word, no.

Until her.

Until the woman who claimed to be infatuated with him for years.

Until the woman he now couldn’t seem to get out of his head no matter how hard he tried…

Placed him in the Friend Zone.

Miriam Armstrong changed his entire perspective on women and for the first time in his life, he found himself wanting to settle down, to be a one woman man. But first, he needed to prove to Miri that the chemistry between them was worth being pursued, and that he wanted to be…More Than a Friend.

Other titles in the Cottage Grove Series include:
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The third and final installment in the Cottage Grove Series. More Than A Friend can be read as a complete standalone with a HEA.

“Miri, I really wish you’d quit pining over that Jenkins boy…”

“Shh..” I released in a low and hurried breath. “Please keep it down.”

Gran perched her elbow on the counter and cradled her chin in her hand. “I’m just saying that you’re worthy of a man who knows how to keep his pecker in his pants.”

How could I take her seriously when she referred to it as a pecker?

I chuckled lightly because I couldn’t even say the correct word in my head, which earned me a raised brow.

“I’m serious, Miri. You aren’t your cousin Maisie. You aren’t built for a one-night-stand and that boy isn’t made for a relationship. Hell, he probably thinks a commitment is some kind of disease that he doesn’t want to contract.”

Casting my gaze away, I picked up my bottle and took another drink. I haven’t become numb to the taste, but I needed to do something with my hands. I knew that Gran was right as she most of the time was, but it didn’t hurt hearing the truth any less. Just because I thought he was the epitome of male gorgeousness didn’t mean that I wanted to be in a relationship with him. I perpetually knew nothing about him, except his social standing with the ladies.

I was only twenty-five years old, still in the prime of my life. What harm would it do to let myself go and take charge after what I wanted for a change?

I could give up all my inhibitions for one night of no-strings-attached sex. I could be a one-night-stand type of girl.

Slamming my hand on the bar, grabbing Kyle’s attention, I decided that I would carry on the night with an open mind and hopefully everything would fall into place the way it should.

“I need two shots of tequila, please!” I pointed and hollered towards the bartender. 

If I was going in with guns blazing, then I needed something to help loosen me up. My trigger finger was mighty stiff.

Ha! Loose, that would be a term directly identified with Maisie. And stiff, yeah, we won’t even touch that one.

“Miri,” Gran warned from her seat next to me. I was so in depth with concocting my plan that I almost forgot that she was there. But the not so subtle warning in her tone told me she knew exactly what I was conjuring up.

She was like the Miri whisperer. Always two steps ahead of me, reminding me that I’ve always been the good girl. The one who doesn’t sleep around, the one who wouldn’t even allow a curse word to slip from my lips, even in the buildup of a furious or intense situation.

Kyle sat down two individual shot glasses filled to the brim with the crystal clear poison. I primed the flesh above my thumb before grasping a lime wedge between my fingers. Lifting the shot glass in my free hand, I brought it towards Gran as I gave a brief nod of my head.

“To spontaneous decisions in hopes that they don’t become the worst of mistakes.”

“Oh Christ,” I heard Gran mutter right before I tossed the shot into the back of my throat, immediately feeling the effects as it lit a fire trailing down its path.

Amber Nation is a stay-at-home mom and wife currently residing in Southern Indiana with her husband and two beautiful daughters. Amber writes Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Romance Comedy novels. She loves hoarding paperback books, shopping, concerts, road trips, and watching her daughters sport it up on the field or in the court. Her personal motto is to always believe in yourself and above all else, be you! Follow Amber on Twitter @nation_amber, on Facebook at, on Pinterest at Ber2885, and check out her website at



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