Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Release Blitz: Wishing on the Water (Water Series Book #1) by Elizabeth York

Title: Wishing on the Water
Series: Water Series Book #1
Author: Elizabeth York
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 7, 2015

“I was always told never to wish on the first star at night. If everyone wishes on one star, how will the star keep up? A star with too many wishes will just fall out of the sky. Rain drops are plentiful, and there are thousands. They wash away the filth and carry it to a better place. So when you make a wish, wish on the water and let it carry your problems away.” 

Candice-Leigh Carson, a New York City best-selling author, was engaged to one of NYPD's finest. She was living the dream until she lost her fiancĂ©, quit her job and moved, leaving behind the only family she ever knew. She left her best friend Jaxson, without saying goodbye. In her quest to find herself, would she ever find love again? 

Jaxson Monroe, one of NYPD's finest, lost his partner when an undercover job went south. After spending a night with his partner's lover, Candice, she flees into the night. He loved Candice and had promised his partner he would protect her. It was his fault she ran, but he quickly found himself in the arms of another. Would Jaxson ever convince Candice to come home or did he prefer another woman? Would their love survive his betrayal and her abandonment?

“I have something I need to do,” I stated, as I grabbed my purse. Jax went to reach for my elbow and I gave him an evil smile that said don’t try and stop me. I got out the door when Brooklyn came running up behind me. “Where are we going?” She asked with a smile on her face. 
“I am going to handle something. Where are you going?” I asked, as the elevator opened. 
“I am going where you are going.” Brooklyn replied. 
“Brooklyn, I might be committing a crime and you are the acting Assistant District Attorney. So you see where that could be a problem?” 
“No, a lawyer is a lawyer; besides, we work better when we have all the facts. What could be better than a bird’s eye view of the events?” 
“Candice, wait!” Jax bellowed, but I nodded my head for Brooklyn to enter the elevator and walked in behind her. 
“I have to do this Jax.” I spoke softly as the elevator doors shut on a hurt look on Jax’s face. The face that said he thought this would be the last time we saw each other. I thought about the characters in my books at that moment. I asked myself what would they do to achieve a happy ending and I drew a blank. 
If this was a book I had been writing, I would have written myself into a corner with no clue where to go. 
I walked out to the street and headed west. No clue where I was going because I was still working on the chain of events in my head. Brooklyn caught my arm and held me there as she hailed a cab. 
“Figured out what you are going to do yet?” Brooklyn asked, as we piled into the cab. I had to buy some time. 
“Take us to the Crossfit on Columbus Ave.” I shouted to the driver as my voice was finally finding itself. Brooklyn merely smiled at me. I don’t know how this was going to work. Anything illegal I do, my accomplice will also be my prosecutor. 
“Brooklyn, we don’t know each other very well. If you are not prepared to go the distance with whatever I do, I think you should jump ship now.” “Don’t worry; I have our bail money.” Brooklyn reached across the cab and placed her hand on mine in a comforting way. 
“Candice, I have been in your shoes before. I have wanted to save the people I loved by sacrificing myself. I know how you feel. I don’t know what you have planned, but whatever it is I am in. Let’s finish this, so our men won’t have targets on their backs.”

Up and coming author Elizabeth York has been writing for about seven years. Located in the southeast, she spends her days drinking sweet tea on the porch with her laptop in hand. She has devoted her life to her family and her books. With the loss of her Father to cancer in 2010 she makes "Dear Daddy" dedication pages in each book and donates 10% royalties to cancer research.
Take the time to get to know the characters and you will love them as much as she does.


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