Friday, July 24, 2015

Release: Blake Volume 1 (The Movie Star's Past) by Elise Daniels

Title: Blake Volume 1
Series: The Movie Star's Past
Author: Elise Daniels
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 24, 2015

You have to have someone you can trust in this cold, dark world.

Private Detective Blake and Karina Mackenzie had a Hollywood arrangement, one built on business and sex. When a dangerous man with dragon eyes emerges out of her past, the veil of Karina's movie stardom is torn down in shreds and Blake experiences her naked heartbeat for the first time.

"I hear something in her voice, something human and vulnerable. If she's acting, this would be her best performance. I tilt her head away from my chest. What was promised has arrived. Tears. And not the kind that have made her rich and famous. These are tears of shame, tears of fear, two emotions I come across a lot in my line of work."

Meet BLAKE, he's the top gun in town.

I wrap myself in a towel trying to recognize myself in the steamed-over mirror. It’s as if I am looking past a mist trying to find my face. Maybe that’s the same thing Karina and Ginger were looking for, their own face in a world blurred by decadence.
A knock on my front door gathers my attention. I hear it again as I walk across my fake wood flooring to answer the door. I spot my gun on a nearby counter. Through the peephole I see the last person on Earth you’d find standing outside an apartment door in Silverlake.
I open the door holding my towel tight and quickly usher her inside. She is cloaked in a head scarf and sunglasses which make her more conspicuous even than her famous face would have done.
“Have you lost your mind, Karina?” I say. “Where’s your security? Where’s your driver?”
“I had to see you,” she says taking off her scarf and sunglasses and setting them next to my gun on the counter.
She buries her face in my wet chest and wraps her arms around me as simply and sincerely as if she had a real human heart. This is a side I have never seen of Karina. Something has gone terribly wrong. I’m understanding that for the first time.
“Yeah,” I say unsure. “That’s fine, but you can’t travel anywhere alone. You’re a fucking national treasure, remember?”
“I only feel beautiful when you make love to me,” she whispers with a vulnerability that stops me in my tracks.
I push her back to look into her beautiful, teary eyes. “What’s gotten into you? I’m going to find this guy. I’m going to make this go away.”

“It’s never gone away,” she says cryptically as she starts to undress. “I just need you to fuck it all away for a few glorious minutes. I want you to make it stop.”

Elise Daniels spends a lot of time on long walks through nature imagining all kinds of thrilling scenarios. Her novels are a necessary therapy, an attempt to write it all down. For Elise, as for all voracious readers, one life is just not enough.

Having traveled and dreamed of living in so many cities, Elise enjoys a scintillating location as much as she does sexy grins and hard bodies. Her BIG CITY NIGHTS series is an ongoing attempt to experience everything that can quicken the heartbeat, overwhelm the senses and get a good girl to chase after her darkest desires.

Elise loves hearing from readers, so drop her a line whenever and wherever.


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