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  1. I would love to have a blog but I have no idea how to start one.

    1. But thats the easiest thing in the world, nancy! Am on the blogger platform so am going to tell you about that. But there are several other options available, wordpress, tumblr and so forth. Google each one of them and decide which one's best for you. But for blogger, you'll need to sign up for a gmail address and password which works across all other google platforms- youtube, blogger etc. After that, visit the blogger page and fill in the necessary info, blog name, url and so on and voila! You are a blogger. I hope this is easy enough for you, if not, let me know any questions you may have.

  2. And remember to let me know if you finally start blogging so I can visit. 😜

  3. Hi! How would this work? I have a tumblr account, but would I need to post some reviews of books I have in order to be on the list or would I need to wait etc? Thanks for any information.

  4. I just started a blog for reviews and cover reveals. I am very new at it and want to know if you have to have a certain number of followers before you sign up to join the bloggers mailing list.